Back(pack) to school with Jeune Premier

Back(pack) to school with Jeune Premier

Bringing fashion from the runway to the playground

No better way to send your child back to school than with a fashionable and Belgian bookbag or backpack, right? Jeune Premier has got you covered with its new FW2021 fashion collection. The Belgian brand, founded by Hélène Fransen in Ostend in 2012, stands for the perfect match between colourful designs and quality. The hardest part of this new collection? Choosing just one bag!

The cherry on top

These cherry designed bags are literally the cherry on top of your little girl's school outfit. They remind us of warm and sweet summer picnics, a feeling you can carry all year around now. ​

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Boys and their toys

Which boy doesn't like a cool motorcycle or a fast airplane? You can already hear the sound of the roaring engines just by looking at these. ​ ​

Release your inner beast

How awesome are these lion schoolbags? They are the perfect match for cool kids who aren't afraid to show some self-confidence. Some even say they give you extra power and drive to go to school...

I believe I can fly...

Talking about a magical experience with these spacey stars and unicorn designs. Perfect for every kid that's full of dreams and wish they could fly! ​ ​

For the undecisive

Having trouble choosing between all of the above? We feel you! If so, just go for these bestsellers that have it all: cherries, unicorns, rainbows, flowers... ​

Still not sure about your absolute favorite? Don't wait too long, because there's limited stock.

About Jeune Premier

From Paris to Seoel, the coolest bag of the hour is Belgian. The brand: Jeune Premier.

Hélène Fransen designed the first model at her kitchen table in Ostend, because she couldn’t find anything she liked for her son Ralph. That was in 2012. For the coming school year, the company has sold over 100.000 schoolbags. Children like the colors, but parents prefer quality. So does Hélène Fransen. But she wasn’t impressed by what was on offer at the other end of the spectrum: boring, heavy leather bags.

Still, she needed a bag for her toddler, so she designed one herself. “It was a lambskin bag with a mushroom and Ralph’s name on it. Four mothers and the principal came up to her on that first day of school to tell her they loved the bag, and to ask her where they could buy it.

Her husband Bruno Piers pushed her further. Why not create four different designs and commercialize them? That year, they sold eighty schoolbags. They launched the first collection in April 2012, followed five months later by the creation of the company. The brand Jeune Premier was born.